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AMMO by Mig Jimenez

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FOCKE WULF FW 190 & TA 152 (ENG)


Číslo produktu: EURO-0020
Výrobca: AMMO by Mig Jimenez
Jazyk: anglicky
Dostupnosť: na dotaz
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do košíka:

This profile book of the Fw 190 and Ta 152 shows the evolution of the most prevalent, complete, and prolific German fighter of the Second World War. This book includes an extensive tour through the history of this airplane with a hundred different models ranging from the first prototypes to V-engine or D-series fighters, including all of the A series (from A-0 to A-9), the short and long range fighter-bombers, the F and G series, and even the curious training machines of the S series, the Dora and the Ta 152 high-altitude fighter.

Within the 136 pages of this volume we will find more than 240 illustrations, including not only lateral profiles, but also in some cases, upper and lower surface profiles together with details of the unit markings used. We have also included a special section dedicated to the most outstanding "Experts" who piloted the Fw 190.

Each profile is the product of a detailed study of authentic period photographs. The colors of camouflage are the result of an exhaustive analysis of the German RLM guidelines, and also includes the exceptions common towards the war’s end. This unique reference is an essential guide for modelers, historians, and aviation fans of WWII.

136 pages. Profiles of 100 aircraft used in the period 1939-1945. More than 240 drawings, including a wide range of views and details.


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